Best finger foods for 9 month old-Mum’s Choice

Best finger foods for 9 month old-Mum’s Choice

Finger foods for 9 month old

Are you looking for finger foods for 9 month old?On the demand of new parents here’s the solution. Hey, mums, do you know that 9th month is such a nerve raking age. In this age, toddlers get to start eating something by fingers. Those foods that can be easily picked by baby fingers are certainly called as baby finger bites/foods. 

With more explanation, small-sized food that babies can eat by own hands is known as “baby finger foods”. Finger eating is such a fun time for 9 to one year old babies. 

Finger biting is one kind of independence that a baby loves to have. In this age, a baby gets great development. 

What is the exact time for introducing finger food to a baby? 

finger foods for 9 month old

In the age of 8 to 9 months, a baby tries to pick something tiny by hands. This hand picking forces him/her to eat. Well, spoon-feeding is necessary for every baby. 

We are not suggesting finger feeding is enough to full your baby’s tummy. Few people like to introduce finger foods in 9 month old. This finger food should be softer and small in size. 

Thus, if you are one of the parents then; try to serve you baby something tasty and healthy. May at initial your baby rake the bites by hands and eat. Do not worry, please! By a short time, your baby will routinely learn how to use thumb by grabbing food. 

Finger food eating is considered as baby’s motor skills and known as pincer grasp. What happened? You have not any idea what to serve to your baby as small bites (finger food)? No worry we are mainly here to explain finger foods for 9 month old. 

Before starting our homemade finger food recipes; let’s have some idea about finger food ingredients. 


finger foods for 9 month old

Broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, eggplant, cauliflower, parsnips, and asparagus. These are a few kinds of vegetables that can be used for finger foods. By cooking well and meshing you may serve in baby’s plate. These veggies are full of nutrients.

Remember! Try to cook and mesh every vegetable separately. By making a food chart, you can easily fulfill your baby’s health requirements. 


finger foods for 9 month old

Banana, apple, blue barriers, dates, cherries, figs, melons, and red berries are the most favorite fruits of babies. These fruits are rich in tastes and full of nutrition. You may serve these fruits by cutting ¼ parts of them in a plate. 

Newly, sucking soothers are available in the market. These soothers are specially designed for sucking fruit juices. If your baby is still not able to pick small bites; then cook his favorite fruit and serve him a fruit puree. 

Remember! Before serving make sure these fruits are well cooked and meshed. 

Meat and poultries:

Babies love to eat eggs and meats. Proper cooked and meshed fishes are also a favorite food choice of toddlers. These two ingredients are enough to keep your baby healthy and happy.

Remember! Never serve raw meat and egg in your baby plate. Roughly made eggs, fishes, and chicken can hurt a baby’s tummy. 

Dairy Products:

All type of cheese, yogurt, butter, and ghee are also beneficial for babies. Try to use them in your baby diet plan. By using a little amount of dairy products in finger food recipes can make them delicious and healthy. 

Remember! Only a small amount is enough to use. 

Cereals is one the most popular finger foods for 9 month old babies:

All cereals could be delicious finger foods; if you dish up in a tasty way. Oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, millets, and rice are cereals. A good amount of these finger foods will finish your baby hunger.

Remember! Serve a cereal separately; a mixture of cereals will surely not suit the baby’s health. 

After having a brief knowledge on the finger, food ingredients, let’s get started our recipes!


Take 1/3 cup of boneless chopped chicken with ¼ cup of soft cooked apple. Place both of these in a blender and blend as per on your baby’s taste. Add pinch cinnamon in the mixture and serve it in a baby food bowl. You may add a few cooked slices of red carrots also. 

Useful tips:

  • Carrots and cinnamon (optional)
  • Add water (if needed)
  • Serve fresh 


Peachy potatoes are rich in flavor and full of nutrients. At first, preheat the oven on 375c. Take one sweet potato (peeled & diced) and two peaches (pitted & cubed). Place both of these in a deep baking dish. Add some water for food coverage. 

Now shower a pinch of ginger or cinnamon as per on your desire. After a few minutes of mixing; cover the food with foil and bake 20 minutes. 

Check the texture and mix it again with a spoon; after slighter cool. Serve in a baby bowl. Surely your baby will enjoy this food by fingers. 

Useful tips:

  • Serve cool 
  • You may mix yogurt in peachy potatoes 
  • Water textured dish will not easy to eat by finger
  • Try to soak water properly during bake time 

CREAMY PEACHY RICE is one of the best finger foods for 9 month old

Creamy peachy rice is another dazzling desert that toddlers like to eat by fingers. This is the simplest small bites that you can make within minutes. For creamy peachy rice, we require only 1 cup of brown rice (cooked), 1 cup of yogurt and half cup of peach puree. Pinch of cinnamon is mostly required for baby foods. 

Mingle all these ingredients in a medium-sized of saucepan. Boil this mingle until it became soft and creamy. When it seems well assorted then blend this mixture with a hand mixer. Two minutes of mixing this rice will be good in texture. Well creamy peachy rice ready to serve now!

Useful tips:

  • Few minutes of freezing will increase the taste
  • Yogurt is optional milk in the second alternative
  • This recipe is reliable for rice pudding

Figs and raisins are also optional 


Yogurt meals are most desired finger foods of babies. Undoubtedly yogurt has all the nutrients that milk has. For this recipe put one-liter milk yogurt in a large bowl. Have some most favorite veggies and fruits of your baby. 

All the veggies and fruits must have to cook and meshed. You may use a puree of these items also. Now take different freezing jars and put every item individually. It’s time to add some milk yogurt in every flavored jar and store every in the refrigerator. Serve yogurt meal one by one on time.

Useful tips:

  • Oatmeal, rice, creamy sweet potatoes, and green bananas are few best combinations for yogurt meal. 
  • Never serve a freezing yogurt meal to your baby. 


Yum Yum here we come at baby’s most preferred finger food. Guess what? Obviously, this finger food is none other than sweet potato fries. If your baby is loved to eat potatoes all the time, then don’t worries! Though try to serve potatoes with different styles. 

Well, this recipe is not much difficult to make; thus, sweet potato fries are most delicious, finger food that is full of carbohydrates. At first, have 4 medium-sized potatoes, some olive oil and few spices (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg or cardamom).

Make your oven ready for the heat of 400° F. now wash your potatoes with water and peel easily. Cut potatoes in finger fries style or as your baby can hold comfortably. Take a plastic bowl to have ¼ cup of olive oil and add all the flavored spices that you want to add. 

Add all the cutting potato fingers and blend with a spoon well. Continue this blending till potatoes have soaked olive oil. Your potatoes are fine to dump on a baking sheet. Mix sometime more and place the sheet in the oven that you have already prepared at 400° F.

Bake this potato fries sheet for half-hour and serve them in a plate. 

Useful tips:

  • You may add some salt also 
  • Cut potatoes normally 

Finger foods for 9 month old(Feeding tips) : 

  • Before introducing a portion of solid food to your 9-month-old baby give him a big spoon and teach the baby how to use. 
  • About all types of veggies and fruits can easily serve as finger foods for 6 month old baby with no teeth.
  • We must suggest making a diet plan by discussing a pediatrician. This way, you may easily prevent your little baby from allergies and other health issues. 
  • After introducing a new food (fruit, vegetable); wait for four days minimally. This wait will examine all the allergies and suitability of your baby health. 
  • Within a few months, your toddler will start walking, running, and playing more. This will be good for your baby to make a diet chart and obey all the instruction of the pediatrician.

A lot of busy mums are not much interesting to make such kind of finger foods for their babies. Surely they are trailing baby growth by showing negligence. 

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