Christian baby boy names (with their meanings)

Christian baby boy names (with their meanings)

christian baby boy names

Christian baby boy names could be beneficial for your little one; if you choose wisely!

Christianity or Christian religion is the world’s most adept religion. More than two billion population is following that religion. This religion is based on little authenticable point of views of Jesus (Christ) such as; birth, life and death, and rebirth.

Initially, the religion was get started by a bunch of people. Later the religion got spread widely throughout the world. The Christian religion has a great history. It included in most successful religions of the world.

A fundamental belief of Christian religion is “everything is created by only one GOD.” Additionally, this basic faith got divided into three different parts;

  • Presence of one GOD (the father)
  • Presence the Jesus Christ (the son)
  • Their holy spirit

Christianity teaches every person with any age is valuable for others. It declared that always respected your elders and give value to your younger. In this religion, we know that Christian baby boy names are adorable and innocent like angles. A baby is free of devil spirit; this would be good for you to call your baby with a good name.

Well, today! We are present with a limited number of Christian and Native American names with their meanings. If you are expecting a little one or if you are confused to put a particular name of your baby, then check out our selection.

Christian top 100 baby boy names and meanings:

christian baby boy names

These all below names are religious and Biblical.

1.       Aaron: a ‘Teacher’, ‘Lofty’, or a ‘Mountain of strength’.
2.        Abaddon:  ‘The Destroyer’.
3.        Abagtha:  ‘Fortunate one’.
4.       Abraham:  ‘Father of the multitude’.
5.       Adam:  ‘Of the ground’ or ‘Taken out of the red earth’.
6.       Barak   ‘Thunder’ in Hebrew
7.       Baruch   ‘Blessed’ in Hebrew
8.       Benjamin    ‘Son of the right hand’
9.       Bethuel   ‘Abode of God’ or ‘Dweller in God’
10.   Cain   ‘Acquisition’, ‘Fabrication’, or ‘Possessed’.
11.   Cornelius   ‘The beam of the sun’.
12.   Daniel ‘God is my judge’.
13.   Darius    ‘A king’ or ‘He that informs himself’.
14.   David   ‘Beloved’
15.   Dishon   ‘Leaping’.
16.   Eladah   ‘God hath adorned’
17.   Edrei   ‘A very great mass’.
18.   Elead   ‘God is witness’ or ‘God continues’.
19.   Eleazar   ‘God is helper’.
20.   Eliel    ‘God’ or ‘God is God’.
21.   Elijah   ‘My God is Yahweh’.
22.   Elon   ‘Oak’, ‘Grove’, or ‘Strong’ in Hebrew
23.   Ezra   ‘Help’ or ‘My helper’
24.   Felix   ‘Happy’ or ‘Prosperous’.
25.   Gabriel   ‘God is my strength’.
26.   Gaddiel   ‘Goat of God’ or ‘The Lord is my happiness’.
27.   Gaius    ‘I am glad’.
28.   Gideon   ‘A cutting down’, ‘He that bruises’, or ‘Great warrior’.
29.   Hebron    ‘Union’ or ‘Company’.
30.   Helek   ‘Smoothness’ or ‘Portion’.
31.   Hermas   ‘Interpreter’ or ‘Mercury’.
32.   Hezekiah   ‘Jehovah is strength’ or ‘A strong support is Jehovah’.
33.   Hiram    ‘Exalted brother’ in Hebrew.
34.   Isaac   ‘Laughter’ in Hebrew.
35.   Isaiah    ‘Jehovah is helper’ or ‘Salvation is of the Lord’.
36.   Ishuah    ‘Equal’ or ‘Self-satisfied’.
37.   Israel   ‘He striveth with God’, ‘God contends’, or ‘Ruling with God.’
38.   Jacob   ‘He who supplants’ or ‘He who follows after.’
39.   Jada    ‘Wise’ or ‘Knowing’.
40.   Jairus   ‘He will enlighten’ or ‘He will diffuse light’.
41.   Jakim   ‘A setter up’ or ‘He raises up’.
42.   James    ‘Supplanter’.
43.   Japheth   ‘Beauty’, ‘Let him enlarge’, or ‘He that persuades’.
44.   Jared   ‘Descending’ or ‘He that descends’. 
45.   Jason    ‘Healing’ or ‘He that cures’.
46.   Jedaiah   ‘Jehovah is praised’ or ‘Jehovah knoweth’.
47.   Jedidiah   ‘Beloved of Jehovah’ or ‘Jehovah is a friend’.
48.   Jehiel   ‘God will live’.
49.   Jemima    ‘Handsome as the day’.
50.   Jerah    ‘The Moon’, ‘Month’, or ‘Sweet smelling’.
51.   Jerahmeel    ‘God will have pity’.
Jeramiah ‘Jehovah is high’ or ‘Exalted of God’. 
53.   Jericho    ‘The Moon’ or ‘Fragrance’ in Hebrew.
54.   Jeroham   ‘Love’ or ‘He finds mercy’.
55.   Jesaiah    ‘Jehovah is opulent or hath saved’.
56.   Jesimiel    ‘God sets up’.
57.   Korah   ‘Baldness’ or ‘Icy’.
58.   Lael    ‘Devoted to God’ in Hebrew.
59.   Lazarus    ‘God has helped’. 
60.   Lemuel   ‘Devoted to God’ or ‘God is bright’.
Levi ‘Joined’ or ‘Attached’.
62.   Lucifer    ‘Bringing light’ or ‘Son of the morning’.
63.   Lucius    ‘Luminous’ or ‘White’.
Luke ‘Luminous’.
Malachi ‘My messenger’ or ‘Messenger of Jehovah’.
Mark  ‘Shining’ or ‘A large hammer’.
Mathew  ‘Gift of Jehovah’. 
68.   Micah ‘One who is like God’ in Hebrew.
69.   Michael  ‘One who is like God’.
71.   Mishael   ‘High place’ or ‘Who is like God’.
72.   Nadab   ‘Of one’s free will’ or ‘Liberal’. 
73.   Nahaliel   ‘Valley of God’ or ‘Inheritance’.
74.   Nahalal    ‘Praised’ or ‘Bright’.
75.   Nahum    ‘Compassionate’, ‘Comforter’ or ‘Full of comfort’.
76.   Nathan   ‘He hath given’ or ‘Rewarded’ in Hebrew.
77.   Nathanael   ‘The gift of God’.
78.   Neco   ‘One who was beaten’.
79.   Nehemiah   ‘Jehovah has consoled’.
80.   Nekoda   ‘Herdsman’ or ‘Distinguished’.
81.   Nemuel   ‘God is spreading’.
82.   Nereus    ‘Water’.
83.   Noah    ‘Rest’ or ‘Repose’. 
84.   Obadiah   ‘Servant’ or ‘Worshipper of Jehovah’.
85.   Omar   ‘Mountaineer’, ‘Eloquent’ or ‘He that speaks’ in Hebrew.
86.   Ophel    ‘Help’. It is the name of a hill in the Old Testament.
87.   Oshea   ‘Jehovah is salvation’.
88.   Othniel   ‘Powerful one’ or the ‘Lion of God’.
89.   Paul   ‘Little’.
90.   Perez   ‘Divided’ or ‘Distinction’.
91.   Philip   ‘Warrior’ or ‘Lover of horses’.
92.   Rakem   ‘Friendship’ or ‘Variegated’.
93.   Ramiah   ‘Jehovah is exalted’.
94.   Rumah   ‘Exalted’ or ‘Sublime’.
95.   Samson    ‘Distinguished’, ‘Strong’ or ‘His sun’.
96.   Tarsus    ‘Winged’ or ‘Feathered’.
97.   Thomas   ‘Twin’.
98.   Uri   ‘Light of Jehovah’ or ‘Enlightened’.
99.   Vaniah    ‘God is praise’ or ‘Distress’.
100.                       Zeba    ‘Jehovah has endowed’ or ‘The Lord is my portion’.

Native American Baby Boy Names with meanings:

christian baby boy names

American language is a strong language so; most Native American names are strong and unique. Every name is traditional and culturist; this is why these names are being more popular now. You may use native names for both baby girls and boys.

Well after 100 baby Christian baby boy names here we are about to know few Native American names with their meaning.

Peyak One
Tapu two
Nas Three
Niewi Four
Alenia Man
Alemwa Dog
Ki’somna Sun
Nipahem Moon
Nebi Water
Wapi White and lucky
Wisaw Yellow
Mekwi Red
Seke Black
Mitsu Eat
Namito See
Nutomon Hear
Nakamo Sing
Matcaw Leave
Chaske Hawk
Magi Cheroki version of Michael
Ataian Version of steven
biyen Version of peter

Native American names for baby boys

christian baby boy names

These below Native American names are baby boy’s names. Every name has strong mean and sound.

Take a look at our top picks baby boy Native American names:

Achak Sprit
Adahv Lives in the woods
Ahanu He laughs
Ahusaka Wings
Ashkii Boy
Bidziil He is strong
Bodaway Firemaker
Chaska Sioux name given to the first born son
Chayaton Falcon
Cheyevo Sprit warrior
Dasan Chief
Demothi Talks while walking
Dohasan cliff
Elan Friendly
Etu The son
Hakan The fire

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